Can I buy only 1 items? how much for Shipping and Handling?

Yes, you can order, All of our jerseys are free shipping and free fee tax return.


Can I track my stuff on-line w hen I pay? How long I can get my stuff?

Yes, when we send the goods, we will give you a track NO. you can track your package on-line after 1-2days, and delivery time varies depending on your location and shipping method, but most packages arrive in approximately 4-8 days.


How can I get information after I have paid for the items?

We will e-mail the tracking number of the express company to you as soon as we receive the tracking number.


What's your return policy?

Based on the actual situation,we do our best to solve all the problems we meet to our long-term cooperation.


How do I contact you if I have a question?

You can contact us through e-mail.


Do you ship to International locations (any country other than USA and Europe)?

Yes. We currently ship to many international locations.


Can you reserve a items for me until I can pay for it?

Yes of course, the only thing you have to do is to confirm it by e-mail and we will keep them for you for 2 weeks. However, after 2 weeks, if we haven't received your payment, we will sell it further to someone else.